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Here you will find:
Helpful Women's Resources...
that are potentially useful to Transgender Girls...

Sexy Lingerie, Corsets, Waist Cinchers,
Panties, Bras, Stockings, Pantyhose, Garter Belts, Body Shapers -

...and Many More....All Designed For T-Girls...

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New Voice Feminization Techniques -
Guaranteed to Change Your Voice From He to She...
in Just 15 Minutes a Day.

Leading Speech Pathologist Reveals How to Use Your Voice to
Pass as a Woman in All Situations - Including on the Telephone!

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80% of all Transgender Women Make These Same Mistakes...
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Coupon Codes
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Just Right Coupons
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Smash Deals & Coupons
Wow Coupons 

Meowser's Photographic Gifts and Humorous T-shirt Store

Cool Stuff!

Social Graces:
Manners, Conversation, and Charm for Today

by Ann Platz

List of Famous or Otherwise Notable Transgender Persons and Crossdressers

Looking for a new career in hair removal?
 Check out The Illinois School of Electrology
Suzanne Anderer

Our premier love, relationship and dating advice website is just what you need
to get your love life back on track.

Womens Articles
Thousands of useful articles for women.

Self Help Magazine
our trusted self help website and online psychology magazine
since 1994. In our pages, you will find peer-reviewed educational materials written
by professionals who have gathered self help tips from general psychology research
and applied them to your everyday life.

You will find our discussion forums are civilized and our self-help blog will
raise your eyebrows - in a good way. We bring you cartoons, self help books,
and self help resources from around the world.
Enjoy the "labor of love" delivered to you by more than 300 professionals who volunteered
to create SHM, one of the first, most popular and free self-help websites online!

All Women Stalk

The Lipstick Chronicles


iVillage is the epitomy of women's resource sites.
I've been suggesting to iVillage for over a year, 
that they start a section for transgendered women.
But, I guess they don't think that we trans-women are "real" women.
It's entirely THEIR loss!

Very useful Women's resource site.

Mr. Sensitive is host of Love & Learn: relationship advice from a panel of non-experts.

Humorous articles, cartoons and columns explore the Murphy's Law of Parenting.

What's in and what's out, check out the newest fads in fashion and beauty.

For women out there who want to know fun places to go, 
but also want to talk about deeper issues.


Get trusted information on any health concerns. 
Behind this site is one COOL NURSE ready to help!!


The Second Wives Club.com
The original online community dedicated to second wives and stepmoms!

A hip & healthy e-zine community where empowerment, confidence and girls rule!



The WomanSource Catalog & Review
The WomanSource Catalog offers original, tell-it-like-it-is editorials of over 
2,000 resources designed by and for women (books, magazines, 
organizations, products, catalogs, services, events, software, audios and videos), 
as well as progressive articles and informative facts on a 
mountain of issues concerning women today. 
Each entry in the catalog is accompanied by an editorial, photo and complete ordering 
and contact information; if you see something that sparks you, you can get to it right away. 
The WomanSource Catalog is designed to ignite ideas and inspire action!



 A new portal and ISP for women!
From managing your portfolio to home repairs, we make it easy for 
today's busy woman to find the best tools and resources available online! 
Free web space, e-mail & directory listings.


WomanLinks is a community fostering the sharing of experiences and 
resources between women of all walks of life. It is a tolerant, supportive 
community where all are welcome and diversity is celebrated. 


Makeup Alley
A hot NYC beauty and style guide with makeovers, beauty must-haves, 
interviews, makeup swap and a message board.



Talon Tru-tip Nails
These are EXCELLENT for Crossdressers!!

Talon Tru-tips are unlike any other nail tip you can buy. They are made of a space age
plastic polymer that is both extremely durable and breathable, which keeps your natural nails
safe underneath. Our designers have gone to great lengths to create a natural looking set of
whole pre-polished nails that will stand up to the rigorous demands of your busy life. Each is
finished in a multi-coat acrylic finish, similar to the finish on fine automobiles! With a little
care, your set of Talon Tru-tips will stay beautiful and functional through many uses, whether
you wear them for extended periods of time, or bring them out for special occasions.
Also, Crossdressers...forget about using nail glue... 
Check out their Nail Tip Stickers that work like temporary 'press-on' nails.
These Nail Tip Stickers are excellent!
This is a Safe & Secure Shopping Site.

55 Ways to Get More Energy Throughout the Day

Check out thousands of great 'Makeup & Makeover How-To' tutorials



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