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Here you will find:
Body Shapers, Corsets,
Feminine Breast & Figure Enhancers

Also, products for hiding the male genitals...

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Gaff Panty

Sexy Satin Gaff Panties...

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Here are MORE Sexy Lingerie, Corsets, Waist Cinchers,
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Bras & Corsets That Hold Your
Silicone Breast Forms In Place...

(These are images of silicone breast forms inside bras, they are NOT real breasts)

Check Out The T-Girl Learning Center
Dozens of helpful articles about the T-Girl lifestyle by leading industry experts and published authors.
Our resource center covers a broad array of topics:
Sizing Advice, Wig Selection, Dressing tips & tricks and insightful advice about T-Girl culture.

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*** Helpful Hint ***
Sizing Guide for Women's to Men's Sizes

Frederick's of Hollywood
The official web site for Frederick's of Hollywood, famous for its bras, panties,
lingerie, body enhancers and sexy women's apparel.

Romantasy     (Transgender & Crossdresser Friendly)
Exquisite Corsetry--your preferred corset maker: 
"A small indulgence for lasting beauty".
We also specialize in serving full-figured customers. 
Please inquire about our day wear corsets, training belts and corsets, business wear, 
wedding corseted gowns, health and gentlemen's posture corsets 
or evening wear corsets, transgender, and fetish corsetry. 
Additionally, we sponsor Gender Image Salons and personal shopping services 
to enhance or accompany the public debut of the feminine presentation.

Sally Ann Corset Shop  (Crossdressers and transgender friendly).
Lingerie, stockings, garters, bras, panties, waist cinchers, corsets, bridal items.

Body-Shaping How-To Video Tutorials

Corsets, Old World Charm and Sexy Contemporary Styles

Corsets have been worn by women for thousands of years. In fact the oldest corset
dates back to ancient Minoans from around 2000 BC. When most people think of corsets
they think of the heavy bulky garments from the middle ages of Europe. Traditional corsets
were not only heavy, restrictive and very uncomfortable to wear. As fabric technology
has improved corsets are now not only more comfortable but are being worn as outwear.

Most women donít own or have never worn a corset. However if youíre looking for a
fashion garment that accentuates your curves and bust line, a corset can be your best friend, so lets take a
closer look at what a corset is. A corset is garment that covers your lower torso from bust line to waist. 
The sides have curved shaped ribbing that gives your body the classic hourglass shape. These ribs are usually
made a thin lightweight metal or hard plastic. While these ribs do push your body into certain shapes,
they arenít ďtrainerĒ corsets which pose health hazards to your internal organs. 
To wear a corset first loosen the strings which are located on the back of the garment. 
There is usually a zipper in the front of the corset, unzip it and wrap the garment
around your torso. Align it so the strings are in the back and close the zipper. 
Now grab the strings and gently but firmly pull to tighten. Pull the strings until the corset is snug and firm.
Do not pull the strings so tight that you canít move or breathe comfortably. 
The first thing that youíll notice is your bust line is now enhanced and you will probably be showing more
cleavage than you are used to. While this is normal it does take some getting used to. Many women with
a large bust find a corset is more comfortable to wear, as it gives them more support than a standard bra.

Most corsets fall into the category of intimate apparel.
They come in a wide variety of fabrics such as satin, silk, or lace and an array of colors.
You can find something that allows you to be as modest or daring as you desire.
If your corset comes with a garter belt and stockings be sure to put on the stockings
before the corset, itís just easier. Corsets are also moving out of the bedroom and
being worn as outwear. There corsets are very similar to traditional corsets but 
available in decorative and luxurious fabrics. They may not be appropriate for a
Monday morning office staff meeting but are great for an informal party or night at a club. 
If youíve never worn a corset and would like to try one start with an outwear corset first, 
they are generally easier and more comfortable to wear.



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