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Increase Your Sales By
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All of The Resources Advertised on ABGender.com & TGNOW.com
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Monthly Traffic:  109,287 
(during March, 2019) 
These monthly traffic numbers are consistently increasing!
Over 1,230,000 transgender & crossdressing visitors during 2018 alone.

The specific pages on the ABGender.com site that accept paid listings are as follows:

The specific pages on the TGNOW.com site that accept paid listings are very
similar to the ABGender.com pages listed above. 

Advertisement Sizes & Types...
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Frequently Asked Questions...
About Advertising on ABGender.com & TGNOW.com

Question:  How many visitors do your two Trans & crossdressing resource sites
receive each month?

The combined monthly traffic that ABGender & TGNOW sites receive
currently averages 
over 100,000 Monthly Trans & Crossdressing Visitors!
(109,287 during March, 2019). And this number is consistently increasing. 
Over 1,230,000 transgender & crossdressing visitors during 2018, alone.

Question:  Where on the pages will my advertisement be placed?

  Your ads will be placed within the 'listings section' of each page, directly below
where it reads
"Here you will find links to...{Whatever}" (each page promotes a different
Unless special arrangements are made in advance, all ad listings are placed in
alphabetical order.

Question:  What do the ad listings look like?

Your ad listing can include a short text description of your site (or of a product),
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You are also welcome to offer a special "on-going" discount coupon code in your ad
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Question:  Can I add a photo or other graphic image to my paid ad listing?

If you are promoting a specific product, such as a video or publication, etc.,
you can add a photo or other type of graphic image (must be .gif, .png, or .jpeg formats
with your paid ad listing.

Question:  Are there any other advertising opportunities on your two directory sites?

Yes, I also have another excellent advertising opportunity for the more serious
business owner who really wants to explode their sales in a hurry!

You may
Email Me directly for more info regarding 'Page Sponsorships'.

Question:  What types of cosmetic plastic surgery services are the majority of your
visitors most interested in?

Obviously, they're most often looking for the services that can help them to look
and feel more like real women. These include: breast augmentation; liposuction;
body sculpting; cheek, lip and other injections; face lift; tummy tuck; rhinoplasty; facial
feminization; hair transplants; trachea shave (smoothing the Adam's Apple); along with the
all other forms of smoothing out and feminizing the facial features; and of course, their
all-time favorite...Gender Reassignment (Sex Change) Surgery.

Question:  What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer:  You can pay via PayPal
(see upper left side for PayPal details),
or you can pay by mailing check, money order, cashiers check.

*If you would rather mail a check or money order, please Email, and I will
send you my mailing address.

That's all there is to it!

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from just a few of our many happy advertisers...
Listed in no particular order...

DesignHers has been advertising with TGNOW.com & ABGender.com
since 1999 and no single CD/TG/TS site on the net provides us with a better
quality of traffic than TGNOW.com & ABGender.com.
They provide the most informative TG shopping information sites one could ask for.
And Design Hers tries to provide the best shopping site for your visitors.
It's a perfect match.
We plan on continuing our lucrative relationship for many, many years to come.
Mike DeJohn,
Marketing Director,
Design Hers, Inc.

Robin, ABGender & TGNOW are our top producers!
Thanks a million for all you are doing for us.
I will have a coupon code to give you in the next week or so which will help even more.
Is there anything else you need from us in the way of creative or other text links?
If we can do anything at all, don't hesitate to ask.
Thanks again and again.
Durk Price,
Director of Marketing,
Beauty Trends

To Whom It May Concern.
We have been advertising with ABGender and TGNow for about 7 years.
Your TGNow & ABGender web sites have been a very important source of clients for
us during this period.
I have found you to be very responsive to our needs,
and full of suggestions for maximizing our advertising dollar.
You've given me continual guidance during our growth to be sure
we properly meet the needs of the Transgender and Crossdressing communities.
I do not hesitate to recommend you and ABGender / TGNow to others
as two great sites to invest your advertising dollars.
Yours, Victor Perry

"Win-Win strategies and relationships have
always been key for us personally, and we want the same
for Cliptomania.com, our Internet business.
Working with ABGender.com and TGNOW.com certainly meets this goal!
Through your two sites, Cliptomania has a steady stream of
satisfied new and returning customers. And, they provide a
dependable source of customers for our wide range of non-pierced earrings."
Candy, Jim and Christy Santo
 (Online dealer of beautiful clip-on earrings)

I would like to express my appreciation to ABGender.com and TGNOW.com
for all of the great traffic, sales and terrific people we now have as clients that we
have received as a result of advertising on your popular sites.
We definitely plan to continue advertising on these sites.
Talon Tru-tips Fingernails

We would like to express our sincere gratitude...
Each day, during the past 3 years, ABGender.com and TGNOW.com have sent us
about 675 daily qualified customers resulting in $550 or more each day in new revenue.
Your sites are informative and well designed for the Transgender community.
Thank you for the excellent business, Robin!
We appreciate you!!
Vice President,
Queen Fashions
Exotic Fashion Mall

As the owner of 2 major web sites serving the Transgender Community, I have
found ABGender and TGNow to be invaluable tools in terms of marketing to
this niche market. I started Ron's Rhinestones in 1996. At the time,
ABGender was highly recommended by my colleagues for advertising.
So I took a chance and took out advertising space there. As it turned out,
ABGender really helped launch what is now a successful, worldwide business.
I was delighted later to get involved with advertising on TGNow,
which I have always considered to be a first class web site for its content
and concise resources. It has been a pleasure for me to collaborate over
the years with the 2 wonderful ABGender.com and TGNow.com websites.
I hope to do so for many years to come.
Ron Edelstein,
Ron's Rhinestones
The Glamorous Woman

"Working with TGNOW.com & ABGender.com,
our traffic and subscription sales have immediately tripled!
Thanks Robin... we love working with you!"
Gina Lance
Girl Talk Magazine

Thank you for being so easy to deal with and friendly.
It's so nice to get responses to my questions so quickly.
We have received some very great customers from your sites.
Transgender customers from your sites seem to always turn out
to be our biggest repeat customers.
We look forward to many more years with you.
All Sexy Shoes &
All High Heel Shoes

"Seems like success on the Internet is all about finding your target audience...
ABGender.com & TGNOW.com are places where I know our website, TG Beauties,
will attract the attention from those who have an interest in our subject matter.
Plus, Robin is a real doll to work with!"
TG Beauties

Dear Robin,
I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for the
great informational sites, ABGENDER.COM and TGNOW.COM,
that you offer for the Transgender Community.
I have been working with TG ladies for many, many years,
and am confident that your sites are the best around for solving their problems
and helping them with information.
I have been advertising with you for quite a while and can honestly say that I am,
and have been, very well pleased with not only the traffic,
but the quality of the new clientele that has come through my doors.
Keep up the good work for all those involved with the TG Community.
Regards, Miss Erica Kent,
Miss Erica's Crossdressing Academy

Illinois Jack here...
I want to take a minute from my harrowing adventures to
let you know how fantastic TGNOW.com and ABGender.com are.
You are very easy to deal with and provide
an invaluable service to many people!!
Keep up the great work, Robin!
Illinois Jack,
Nature's Mistakes

As web mistress for a relatively new site, Rose's Turn Transgender Boutique,
I've found both tgnow.com and abgender.com
to be wonderful venues for advertising.
Our traffic increased dramatically once we took out advertising space.
Tgnow and Abgender are both quality sites, and we are pleased
to be part of their family!
Hugs, the Lady Beatrice,
Rose's Turn Transgender Boutique

Dear Robin,
My name is Bronwyn and I work with Frederick's of Hollywood.
We're trying to highlight some products that our crossdressing customers might like,
and I thought you might have some insight into the subject.
We're thinking of highlighting our shoes (which generally run to women' size 13)
and wigs, but we'd love some feedback on what lingerie or ready-to-wear items
your users, in particular, enjoy.
And thanks for all of the thousands of sales you've sent to
Frederick's of Hollywood over the years!
Sincerely, Bronwyn Jones, Vice President
Frederick's of Hollywood

Email to get your advertising started today!


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